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The corona pandemic is a tough test for musicians - after all, they are very severely restricted or completely hindered in many of the previously common ways of practicing their profession. At the same time, however, the circumstances also offer an opportunity to reflect on the significance of one's own artistic work and to develop new forms of production, performance and mediation.




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This composition was created in connection with an audio guide on the occasion of the 900 year celebration of the city of Freiburg. In it 

Yaosca Padilla de Rothmund tells her story about the day when the town twinning agreement between Wiwili in Nicaragua and Freiburg was signed. This is not only a reason to celebrate, because she describes what kind of dictatorship is currently ruling in Nicaragua and how human rights are being trampled underfoot there. Women protest in the streets and as a symbol for freedom they let blue balloons rise into the sky...

Audioguide Yaosca Padilla de Rothmund
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Beyond Borders




The ethnologist Corinna Rauer and the filmmaker Jafar El Kassem from Freiburg spent three months in the summer of 2017 visiting former and current 'hotspots' at the EU's external borders with their camera.

During the journey, which was designed as research, the filmmakers personally witnessed the hope and courage, power and powerlessness of those affected. 


music: Tim Stroeble