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Tim Ströble was principal cellist of the Württemberg Philharmonic Orchestra Reutlingen for almost 20 years.

He is a member of ponticellos, quattrocelli and Operassion and regularly performs both as a soloist and in chamber music at home and abroad.


The search for new forms of expression and playing techniques on the cello has introduced him to a wide variety of classical and alternative styles, and his desire to create his own music has led him to arrange and compose for all conceivable cello ensembles.



In 2013, together with Matthias Sayer, he composed the film music for the feature film "Wir sind jung, wir sind stark" (UFA FICTION, director: Burhan Qurbani).

which was released in German cinemas in early 2015 and was nominated in the category "best feature film" at the 2015 German Film Awards.

In 2018, together with his colleague Matthias Sayer, he wrote the film music for the SWR cinema production "Das Leben meiner Tochter" (director: Steffen Weinert), which was released in German cinemas in 2019.

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